A warm welcome.

I’ve always found it hard to write about me. So I’m not going to write a long and boring introduction about myself and why I chose acting as my job and how I’ve always loved acting and singing and being on stage, no that for me is quite unoriginal and to be honest I want to share with you, on my website, my life as it is now, my work as it is now, how it was and my upcoming projects and news as they are now!

You will obviously be able to access my CV on the site where you’ll see all of my experience and training but I want you to make your own idea of who Ginnie Watson is. Ginnie the actor, the singer, the voice talent and the presenter…all of my work is here on this site, feel free to surf and glide through it all and please do a pit stop in the blog section, all of my thoughts, tips, news and ideas on living a pretty decent life as an actor (and mother) will be there for you to read and share. And to comment on if you feel the desperate need to!

Now shall I sum it all up in a catchy punch line..??

Ginnie is living the entertainment. Entertainment is living the Ginnie. Too cheesy right?? Well we all need a bit of cheese in this world, especially smelly French cheese!

Love & Peace



1 sept 2015

Ginnie Watson + Off Parade « On my way » new album

  Preview and download my new album"On my way" sur iTunes - Out Sept 11th

31 août 2015

Ginnie Watson new website

  Welcome to my new website! For more news and regular updates follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram,


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